Certificate of Authenticity


Signed and Certified


Each work is signed both on the canvas and on the frame and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that will show the title of the piece, the date when it was created, if it is a single original or series and, if series, which edition number in the series. 



Payments and shipping


I have teamed up with Ebay (worldwide) and Etsy (Domestic) for both payment processing and economical shipping costs.  Due to canvas art's delicate nature and the size of my paintings, shipping can become very expensive.  I do not want to pass that expense to my collectors so I have teamed up with two well known companies to enjoy the benefits of their discounted shipping prices and convenient payments.  


International Purchasers:  International Purchasers will be directed to an Ebay link where they can purchase their desired piece with many buying options available.  Ebay uses United Parcel Service Worldwide which we find is the best way to ship our art internationally.  


Continental US Purchasers:  Purchasers within the Continental US will be directed to the Artist's Etsy Page.  Etsy offers a variety of ways to pay and shipping through the U.S. Postal Service which is more economical than UPS for domestic shipping.  If you prefer your artwork to be shipped via UPS, please use the International Purchaser link. 


We aim to be green and use repurposed packaging always.    



Designer Policies


Customizing For Your Client's Design:  When an available piece is desired but is too large or too small for a design, a special order version of that work can be created to suit your size specifications. Prices are based on a square inch calculation.  Each piece is an original and each version its own original with slight variations from the original version. Each version is considered an original with it's own distinct title and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.