The Importance of Social Media - Sold Before the Paint was Dry



When speaking with friends and colleagues, I often hear, "I can't stand social media. It brings out all the crazies."  


I cannot disagree with that statement more.  Social media is what it is, social.  It introduces you and your work to people of all walks of life.  People who are connected to more people.  In the world of art, connections are important.  


I believe that the brick and mortar gallery is limited.  Your online presence reaches far and wide and never closes.  Your presence is available 24/7 to the convenience of the viewer.


I blog my works on social media.  I share the many phases of my art on my Facebook page. There are those that I am aware of who are interacting with me on social media and so many more who view and do not interact.  Recently, I checked the statistics of my social media page. For every 10 interactions with my page, 300 people have seen my post. 


Tango/It Takes Two is a work that I have shared from initial sketch stage to completion. During the intermediate stage of this particular painting, I received a message stating a desire to purchase the painting on my social media page. This customer was not a follower of my page.  My post was shared by a follower and it was then seen by its eventual buyer. It's buyer fell in love with the work even though the piece was only 60% complete.  Sold before complete.  Sold before the paint was even dry.  This is not an everyday occurrence in my studio.  What it does show me is that the old tried and true word of mouth is still important in this day and age of technology.  Word of mouth is now a "share", a "like" or a mention.  


Love it or not, social media is a very important tool for every business owner. 









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