"I try to capture on canvas that emotion, that moment and that thought that resonates deep within." - GV Mielko 




Always learning.  Although my formal studies were in the area of science.  I developed my artistic side and created my flavor through taking courses and classes offered from other working artists. 


"I always enjoy taking a class or two from those artists who inspire me.  You never stop learning and there are so many talented people out there who share their gifts with others." - GV Mielko


Always artistic.  I have worked as a muralist creating commissioned works of wall art for direct clients and through my association with interior decorators in New York, Miami and Atlanta.  In 1998, I took my art from walls to canvas.


Today, my art hangs on the walls of homes and businesses in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, and both South and Central Americas.


Always interactive.  I enjoy participating in art shows and exhibits.  I am a hands-on artist, and enjoy socializing with my collectors and professional clients.  Not everyone can attend a show or exhibit so in the latter part of 2016, I started to share the creative journey of each piece that I create on social media.  Not just videos or slides of my paintings but the stories, ideas and emotions behind each piece. 


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Meet the Artist

Gina Mielko