"I try to capture on canvas that emotion, that moment and that thought that resonates deep within." - GV Mielko 



Always artistic.  I have worked as a muralist creating commissioned works of wall art for direct clients and through my association with interior decorators in New York, Miami and Atlanta.  In 1998, I took my art from walls to canvas.


Today, my art hangs on the walls of homes and businesses in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, and both South and Central Americas.


I am always experimenting.  Instead of developing one style under which I paint, I have 4 styles that I have developed over the years.  


Meet the Artist

Gina Mielko



Windy/Butterfly style.  I think every artist has a piece that is their favorite and that they hold back and keep reserved for themselves.  The Messenger is that piece for me.

Hard Edge/punk.  Sometimes when I re-imagine a sketch onto canvas, I think it deserved to be interpreted with an edgy feel.  My Hard Edge/Punk style paintings go well with a modern, contemporary decor.  This is Angie and this piece is a perfect example of my Hard Edge/Punk style. 

Pop/Colorful.  This is my colorful, playful style.  A bit of pop art but not.  A good example of my Pop/Colorful style is my artwork titled Saxxy Lady.  Colorful and playful. 

Abstractive.  A bit more minimal and less colorful than my other styles.  These are loose interpretations that I keep very light. My artwork At Last is a good example of my Abstractive style.